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The Giant.

He does so much more for the team than just score. Like I said a few weeks ago, I've officially jumped on the Iguodala bandwagon and I'm on it for good.

Yes Andre Iguodala is awesome which is why I so vehemently defend him against those who can't look past the PPG or understand how unique it is that while not great at one thing he's good to very good at many many things...and he's the kind of player you win championships with...

I didn't think he warranted the contract he got in the off season but after a poor season he has definitely turned it up.

I figure that his jump shot will always be ugly, but there aren't many players in the league other than the superstars that can impact a game in so many ways.

Could you do a +/- with both Thad and Iggy on the floor? If the numbers are good enough (which I think they should be) perhaps we could convince the staff to start Daly/Brand/Thad/Iggy/Miller.

Check back in the morning. I'll have that stat in my next post.

I just looked at all the +/- splits----what is the explanation for andre miller's adjusted rating(-9.65)? This isn't at all what I would expect. At the same time, I wouldn't have thought Iggy's would be so high.

You know, I really don't understand the math behind Miller's number. The only negative I see is in offensive rating or points/100 possessions. The only thing I can think of is that his +/- numbers must've been much worse last season. It's a two-year average.

Sort of a reflection of how weak his supporting cast is, isn't it? Randy Foye's way up there too, but that doesn't mean he's a star so much as he's the only talented guard in a really bad bunch.

Foye's number is about half of Iguodala's. I do find it funny that you go 10 names down the list and compare Iggy to the outlier instead of looking at the company he's in at the top of the list. He also leads in defensive differential.

And speaking of Minnesota, they've now won 9 of their past 11, including wins against the Suns and Hornets, their only losses by 3 and 5 against the Heat and Jazz, and are really just as hot as us. So I'd repeat that this kind of "these are the real Sixers, now we've got our heads screwed on straight, you can pencil in every game we play against a lottery team as a win" reasoning is totally off-base. Just as the Timberwolves' .357 winning percentage over the course of the season is more predictive of what the rest of their season will look like than their .818 winning percentage over the past 11 games, our being a .500 team is more telling than the fact that we've just gone 8-3.

Actually, I predicted the T-Wolves to have a good season, so this run doesn't surprise me. I think it's more indicative of their talent level than their terrible start.

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