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Coach DLeo (No "i" Needed?)

Chris Sheridan broke down the seven interim coaches in the NBA, and their chances of losing the interim adjective at the end of the season over at ESPN. After the jump we'll see what he had to say about our own Tony DiLeo.

Sheridan puts the odds of DiLeo staying on as head coach as "Strong," and he's got some logic behind them. DiLeo has been the man behind the scenes in Philly for 19 years. Plenty of people give him the credit for picking draft-day gems at slots where you usually get nothing for your money. He's been their best talent-evaluator and if you asked him what his dream was back in October, he probably would've told you that he want to be a GM.

Since taking over for Mo Cheeks on the bench, however, the Sixers are 30-21 (extrapolate that over a full season and you're talking 48 wins). Keep in mind that he never really had a full-strength roster, so we're talking about an 8-game improvement over last season with basically the same roster. That's not a bad resume for DiLeo to send out.

Which brings us to the future, here's DiLeo's quote from the article:

"I still want to take some time to re-evaluate everything, but overall, am I happy? Yes. Do I like the team? Yes. And I've been with the Sixers for 19 years, so I love the Sixers," DiLeo told ESPN.com Wednesday.

We still have 8 games to go in the regular season and hopefully another 10 or so after that in the playoffs, so the evaluation period is in no way complete, but if the season ended right now, I think DiLeo has earned at least a deal for next season. I'm not saying this is necessarily the best move for the team, but according to his record and the circumstances, the guy has done a great job.

Ultimately, the choice may come down to do you want Tony DiLeo as your coach, or do you want him working for some other organization? I'm not sure I'm ready to answer that question.

ESPN also offers insiders a list of the most-desirable available coaches this summer. The name on the list I like the most is Jeff Van Gundy.

I really, really don't want to start talking about the offseason yet, we're a long way off from that. This article just stood out to me, and I thought it was worth mentioning.

In the interest of keeping our focus, let's end by talking about the important games that'll happen over the next 48 hours. Miami and Atlanta both have back-to-backs, and check out these matchups.


  • Miami @ Charlotte (The Bobcats are 1 game out of the 8th spot in the loss column)
  • Atlanta @ Boston

  • Miami @ Washington (The Wiz beat the Cavs last night and are finally at full strength again, looking to play spoiler down the stretch)
  • Atlanta vs. Orlando
There's good chance both Miami and Atlanta go 0-2 over their next 2 games.
by Brian on Apr 3 2009
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