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Sixers/Bucks Under The Microscope

I went into this game tracking two things for the Sixers: DiLeo's rotations and Reggie Evans' touches on offense. Take a look after the jump.

I was a little disappointed, but not shocked to see #30 in the starting lineup. Reggie actually played decently well in his first-quarter run, though, so the decision seemed to be a wise one for this game. Here's a close look at Coach DiLeo's rotations, with plus/minus for each. (I track the score based on exactly what's on the scoreboard when a player enters/leaves. Even if there's a guy at the free throw line about to hit a pair).

There were a couple of noteworthy trends. First, when Iguodala rested, Ivey got all the minutes at the three. It was only five minutes, but it's still notable. Ivey scored 4 points, but none of them came when he was playing the three. DiLeo went super-small for 27 seconds at the end of the third, with Iguodala at the four. Speights played the bulk of his minutes at the five (19) rather than the four (8). Evans was not used at the five at all, which is a great sign. The Sixers started their big run when Marshall came in with 2:42 left in the third quarter, but I thought the sub of the night was Lou Williams for Willie Green with 6:03 left in the third. Willie was horrible tonight and DiLeo broke the mold by calling on a sub that early in the third quarter.

The next trend I tracked was something that I think will be vitally important to the success of this team. Even if Reggie is going to get extended burn, his teammates need to realize that he cannot be a big part of the offense. Tonight, the Sixers went to him 8 times in his 26 minutes, here are the plays and the results:

  1. Miller feeds him in the post - fouled - hits 1 of 2 from the line (1 point)
  2. Miller hits him at the foul line - shot blocked
  3. Miller hits him with a long pass on the break - made layup +1 - hits free throw (3 points)
  4. Iguodala hits him in the post - turnover
  5. Miller kicks it to him on the wing - fouled - hits 1 of 2 from the line (1 point)
  6. Williams gives it to him in the post - turnover
  7. Iguodala gives it to him in the post - hit fall-away floater +1 - hits free throw (3 points)
  8. Miller kicks it to him at the foul line - missed shot
Eight possessions, eight points. That's good production. If they can get that from Reggie every game, they'll be fine offensively. Unfortunately, there's no way you can bank on that. Reggie's offense was actually better than this tonight, he put a couple of offensive rebounds back. Still, I'd like to see less touches for Reggie in the halfcourt. He has to be the absolute last option when he's on the floor. You also have to factor in Charlie Villaneuva's "defense" when you're assessing Evans' offensive production.
by Brian on Apr 2 2009
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