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DiLeo Won't Commit

Congrats on your first win, Tony. (ap)
Friday morning brings us a few half answers to burning questions. Tom Moore has the scoop on Coach DiLeo's plans for the homestand which will start tonight against the Wiz.

If you thought, as I did, that Elton Brand would be back in the starting lineup for the game, you were wrong. DiLeo's exact quote:

"(that) might be a bit premature."

Not quite an outright no, but I'd say EB will be coming off the bench.

Moore's follow-up was the million-dollar question. He asked DiLeo who would get bounced from the starting lineup when Brand returns. Tony said he wasn't sure, that he may choose the starting lineup based on match-up.

I would've loved to have heard him say Thad was his starter when EB returns to the lineup, but there was really zero chance he was going to name someone, especially not with a game tonight. He wants those guys fighting for the starting job, which he should.

The best news of the day so far is DeShawn Stevenson's return to the Wizards. Willie vs. DeShawn is one of the most intriguing match-ups we'll see all year. The worst starting SG in the leauge against the second worst.