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Samuel Dalembert's status for tonight's game is still unknown, but if I had to bet, I'd put money on him missing at least a couple of games. Last night, after the injury, Elton Brand started at the five, with Miller, Green, Iggy and Thad rounding out the lineup. If Sammy can't go tonight, that's the lineup I'd expect to see.

Kate Fagan got a somewhat ambiguous statement from Coach DiLeo on the matter:

"As of now, yes," Sixers coach Tony DiLeo said when asked whether Brand would replace Dalembert.

This is actually the lineup John Hollinger was saying the Sixers should run with even with a healthy Sammy. I don't agree, but given the circumstances, it's probably the best idea. I don't think Speights is ready for starter's minutes.

Two keys to having success with this lineup, as I see it.

  1. EB needs to be a defensive force under the hoop. He's blocked 10 shots in 51 minutes over the past two games, so he's off to a good start.
  2. A team effort to control the boards. EB, Thad and Iggy all need to make sure they crash the defensive glass and secure the ball before they get out and run. This team will have an enormous athletic advantage over every team they play, there's no need to cheat down the floor.
Pregame will be up a little later. In the mean time, does EB at the five worry you, or excite you?

by Brian on Jan 31 2009
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