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Happy Deadline Day

The rumor front seems pretty quiet right now. I'll post anything I find here, use the comments to talk about rumors, trades, what you want the Sixers to do in the next three hours or so, etc.
  • John Smallwood makes the case for Miller to stay in Philly.
  • ESPN's trade buzz page, updated throughout the day.
  • Yahoo's latest trade article
  • Seems like the Hinrich to Minnesota deal fell apart last night.
  • Amare may still be in play
  • VC to Portland has a shot
  • Baron Davis to Houston was hot last night, not so much anymore
  • The Bucks are desperately trying to move Richard Jefferson
  • Cleveland wants a PF (Jamison or Stoudemire), but a deal is not imminent
  • Chad Ford is chatting now (noon)
    • Shaq to the Cavs for Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic is being discussed.
    • Ford on Miller:
      Mo Camden, NJ [via mobile]: Are the sixers looking to move Andre' Miller's expiring contract, if not are they going to make any noise?

      SportsNation Chad Ford: (12:26 PM ET ) I don't think so. They feel like they can make some noise in the playoffs with Miller at the helm. 
    • Ford on Dalembert:
      Vic, Philadelphia PA : Chad, any chance the Sixers move Dalembert today?

      SportsNation Chad Ford: (12:38 PM ET ) They've tried ... and tried ... and tried. Nothing is happening. 
  • No news out of Sixers camp and we're an hour and a half past the deadline.
  • Hollinger's take on the Sixer situation
    • Chris Laurel Springs: Were you suprised the sixers did not trade andre miller?

      SportsNation John Hollinger: (4:03 PM ET ) For what? There wasn't much available in terms of point guards and shooting specialists, so you're better off just re-signing him at a lower number in a depressed market this summer.
by Brian on Feb 19 2009
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