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Mo Goes Back To Work?

Say you're a relatively-successful head coach in NBA. You lose your job early one season, after having signed an extension the previous summer. What would you do with your free time?

You have options. You could go fishing and cash your fat checks. You could travel the world and cash your fat checks. You could go work for TNT or ESPN and cash your fat checks. If you're an eloquent guy with a great reputation you could probably supplement your fat checks with more fat checks from speaking engagements.

Apparently, none of that held much appeal to Maurice Cheeks. According to this article, Mo is headed to Memphis to be an assistant coach for Lionel Hollins.

Mo must really, really love coaching. Either that, or he doesn't think there's a head coaching job out there for him. This sure looks like a Jim Lynam move to me (failed head coach turns assistant). The move surprises me. I thought Mo would sit out the rest of the season, then maybe look for a job, if nothing materialized, then maybe he'd go back to being an assistant.

From Memphis' standpoint, this is a great move. Mo's true talent as a coach lies in motivating young players. He should do wonders for Lowry, Conley and Mayo. I'm glad to see Mo back at work, just a little shocked by the circumstances.
by Brian on Jan 23 2009
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