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Mike Miller Trade Rumor

The Newark Star Ledger has a piece this morning about the Nets' interest in Mike Miller. The article is interesting in that it actually puts a value on the package the Timberwolves are asking in return for their shooting guard.

Here's the important bit:

One snag, perhaps two: The Timberwolves are not in any rush to move the 28-year-old wing, even though Miller averages fewer than eight shots in 30 minutes per game, so they're playing hardball. Minnesota is asking for a young player and a draft pick in exchange, which the Nets are not willing to consider.

Can the Sixers meet that asking price? I'm not really sure. They obviously have the pick, but outside of Lou and Iggy, what player could they move? If they chose to include either of those players, they'd take a hit because of the BYC, making any deal extremely problematic. Anyone have any ideas as to how the Sixers could put together a package equaling at least $7.2M, without a BYC contract in there, that the T-Wolves could possibly be interested in?

It's not to say that a deal couldn't be worked out, I just don't see anything that fits the "Young player and a draft pick," asking price. Possibly a three-team deal. Or maybe their asking price will come down as the deadline nears.

I will say this, if Miller is traded twice within a year, and the Sixers couldn't find a way to get it done either time, I'll be disappointed.

Miller's value has to be taking a hit from his play on the court. He's shooting only 33% from three, his numbers are down across the board, and he's been injured for a large portion of the season. Minnesota doesn't seem to be able to get him any open looks.

Miller just doesn't seem to be working out in Minny, his salary ranks second on the team and no one other than Memphis can offer them significant cap relief in a deal. This price is already probably low, but I think it could drop even more.
by Brian on Jan 22 2009
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