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Someone Call New Orleans

The New Orleans Hornets are now without the services of starting center Tyson Chandler, starting power forward David West and backup big man Hilton Armstrong. John Hollinger has a nice little piece about the front court the Hornets are trotting out there in their absence (Melvin Ely and Sean Marks). The Hornets used James Posey as their power forward for major minutes in their last game.

This is a big problem for a team with hopes of bringing home a championship. West probably won't miss much time, but Chandler's ankle injury could keep him sidelined for longer. Here's the thing, even with both of those guys healthy, they have absolutely no depth at the 4, nor at the 5. They have great depth at SG and SF, however. Do I smell a trade partner?

The first name that comes to mind is Dalembert (someone mentioned something similar in the comments a couple of weeks ago). From the ESPN trade machine, this was the best deal I could come up with because Dalembert's contract is hard to fit anywhere.

samtrade1012009.gif samtrade2012009.gif
Memphis would get a great scorer off the bench in Lou, a young big with some upside in Julian Wright and a couple of expiring minimum deals. The Hornets would get their needed big man, while trading from strength. The Sixers would get James Posey, and Mike Conley Jr., a shooter who plays tough, tenacious defense and a project who could be insurance against a Miller deptarture this summer.

Thoughts in the comments. By the way, I give this trade about a .000001% chance of happening, but there's a definite need in New Orleans that Dalembert could fill, so a somewhat worthwhile exercise for a Tuesday afternoon.

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by Brian on Jan 20 2009
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