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EB Back On Saturday

Tom Moore has the scoop. After practice today, coach DiLeo talked about his plan for assimilating Brand back into the rotation and style of the team.

The plan is for Brand to come off the bench for 4-6 minute stretches until he his conditioning allows him to start and play 30 minutes/game. This shouldn't take too long. My guess is that he'll be back in the starting lineup by the following Saturday against the Nets. That's the second half of a back-to-back, so the following Tuesday, against the Celtics is another possibility.

At this point, when and how he gets back on the floor is no longer the issue for me. Right now, the only thing I'm concerned about is the integrity of that joint. If he dislocates it again, he's going to be done for the season. This is a big risk the Sixers are taking, I hope it doesn't wind up biting them.
by Brian on Jan 21 2009
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