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After weeks of preparation for quite possibly the worst draft of the decade, the time is finally here. I'll be taking part in a live blog of tonight's draft over on Arin It Out (check after the jump for the link). I highly encourage everyone to join me there. It should be fun to see my head explode when someone drafts Curry.

First of all, go here for the live blog. Then, check back here throughout the night. I'll update the picks and give my brief thoughts throughout.

  1. LAC - Blake Griffin. No shock there. Too bad for Blake.
  2. MEM - Hasheem Thabeet. Shawn Bradley, part 2.
  3. OKC - James Harden. Solid pick.
  4. SAC - Tyreke Evans. Interesting guy to play alongside Kevin Martin.
  5. MIN - Ricky Rubio. They really fell into it with Rubio, surprised he slipped to #5.
  6. MIN - Jonny Flynn. OK, they managed to blow the second one.
  7. GSW - Stephen Curry. Boo.
  8. NYK - Jordan Hill. Big who cares.
  9. TOR - Demar DeRozan. Don't like him at all, good for you, Raptors.
  10. MIL - Brandon Jennings. Good pick by a bad franchise. Ramon Sessions just became available.
  11. NJN - Terrence Williams. Love the pick for the Nets. Love the fact Holiday is sliding.
  12. CHA - Gerald Henderson. Gotta love seeing Michael Jordan select a Dookie.
  13. IND - Tyler Hansbrough. I feel bad for The GM.
  14. PHO - Earl Clark. Who knows what Phoenix needs. 3/4 combo.
  15. DET - Austin Daye. Who cares. One more pick and we have Holiday.
  16. CHI - James Johnson. HOLIDAY FELL TO US!!!!
  17. PHI - JRUE HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievably awesome pick!

  18. MIN - Ty Lawson. Three points, huh? Two trades in the works? Ty Lawson traded to the Nuggets.
  19. ATL - Jeff Teague. Maynor dropping.
  20. UTA - Eric Maynor.
  21. NO - Darren Collison. Much earlier than he was projected, but I think it's a great pick. He's going to be good.
  22. POR - Victor Claver.
  23. SAC - Omri Casspi
  24. DAL - B.J. Mullens. (traded to OKC)
  25. OKC - Rodrigue Beaubois (traded to DAL)
  26. CHI - Taj Gibson.
  27. MEM - DeMarre Carroll.
  28. MIN - Wayne Ellington.
  29. LAL - Toney Douglas. (traded to Knicks)
  30. CLE - Christian Eyenga. Shocked Blair fell out of the first round.
The Sixers just confirmed on Twitter they're done for the night. No 2nd round pick tonight, folks.
by Brian on Jun 25 2009
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