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Sixers Need To Regroup

Everyone's favorite mo-ped racer, Monta Ellis, will play host to the Sixers tonight with the rest of the Warriors. Philly is coming off a letdown in Phoenix on Wednesday, Golden State nearly pulled off a miracle comeback in LA last night against the Lakers. After the jump we'll take a look at this key matchup for the Sixers.

I was able to catch most of the Warriors' game last night, and a couple things stood out to me. First, they can't pass. Cannot pass a lick. Maggette threw three passes into the stands with no pressure on him at all. I'm beginning to think the Warriors run this fast-paced offense so they won't have enough time to cough the ball up every time down the floor.

The second thing I noticed is that they really have some offensive talent. Ellis is a handful off the dribble, even if he's still suffering the effects of his little accident this summer. Morrow is just a pure, natural shooter. Azubuike is much better than I remembered. If Stephen Jackson gets on a hot streak he can absolutely bury you, of course if he's cold he's still going to shoot, so he winds up burying them most of the time. And don't forget about Maggette. He hasn't been starting, but we know what he's capable of.

Brendan Wright and Anthony Randloph look identical to me. I don't know how they can possibly take the beating down in the post being that skinny. The wild card, for me, is Rony Turiaf. He always played well against the Sixers when he was a Laker. Dalembert is going to have to keep a body on him to keep him off the offensive glass.

My key to the game is going to be rebounding. Golden State is tired, but they're a dangerous team at home (17-16). If the Sixers can secure the glass, and extend possessions with offensive boards, I think they win this game.

I don't really care how they do it, but this game absolutely must be a win. The Phoenix loss can be written off as a hangover from the huge Lakers win combined with the trip to the west coast and the back to back. There's absolutely no excuse for a loss tonight, not if they really want the number 5 seed. Win at all costs.

On the injury front, Biedrins is out, which is huge. Randoph tweaked his groin last night, but I haven't seen any word on his availability for tonight's game. The Sixers are healthy.

The tip is at 10:30 pm for us back east. I'll be here, as usual, if you're watching join me for the in-game discussion.
by Brian on Mar 20 2009
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