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The Playoff Schedule

Kate Fagan posted the playoff schedule a few minutes ago. Game one will be Sunday at 5:30 on TNT. Check after the jump for the rest.
  • Game 1 @ Orlando: Sunday, April 19 - 5:30pm on TNT
  • Game 2 @ Orlando: Wednesday, April 22 - 7pm on NBATV (make sure you still have it if you're a League Pass subscriber)
  • Game 3 @ the Wach: Friday, April 24 - 8pm on ESPN2
  • Game 4 @ the Wach: Sunday, April 26 - 5:30pm on TNT
  • Game 5 @ Orlando: Tuesday, April 28 - TBD
  • Game 6 @ the Wach: Thursday, April 30 - TBD
  • Game 7 @ Orlando: Saturday, May 2 - TNT
I guess we can thank the NBA's man-crush on Dwight Howard for having only 1 game on NBATV. The 8pm start time for game 3 may just make it possible for me to get there in time for the tip.

I have a logistical question for you guys. If I take an Amtrak train that gets into the 30th Street station at 7:07 pm, will I be able to take public transportation or a cab to the Wach and be there by 8pm?