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There Is a Precedent

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The Iverson signing has been a rip-roaring success so far. It has clearly accomplished the team's two goals: (1) Make some quick money, (2) Divert media attention away from the deplorable product they're putting on the court. Check and check. While most of the traditional media is still wrapped up in how late Iverson will show up to the Wach. on Friday night, I figured we could turn the spotlight back on things that matter, like 5 wins against 17 losses.

5-17, that's a pretty horrendous record. Has there ever been a more hollow .500 record than the Sixers 4-4 record less than a month ago? Anyway, the topic at hand. How bad has this team been when compared to the worst Sixers teams ever. Well, here's the summary, the following Sixers teams had equal or worse records through their first 22 games:


  • 5-17 through 22 games
  • Low point was 19 games under
  • Finished the season 35-47
  • Iverson was traded in December, the team improved with Miller and Joe Smith coming in.


  • 5-17 through 22 games
  • Low point was 46 games under
  • Finished the season 18-64
  • Won lottery, drafted Allen Iverson


  • 1-21 through 22 games
  • Low point was 64 games under .500
  • Finished the season 9-73
  • Worst record in the history of the NBA

That's it. Three Sixers teams, going all the way back to 1950 when they were the Syracuse Nationals, have gotten off to this bad of a start. Here's the thing that gets me, this team didn't undergo a major transformation in the offseason. They don't have any veterans who suddenly hit the wall, and they've had a couple of injuries, but none to what I consider one of their top three players, yet they've completely fallen off the cliff. I blame the coach directly, and the general manager indirectly for hiring the coach. Eddie Jordan is the one wild card thrown into the equation that simply can't be ignored.

A week ago I treated the "John Wall here we come!" notion as kind of a joke, but I'm not sure how far down this road to the bottom we can travel before we have to seriously start considering this team as one of the worst in the history of the franchise.

Just so you have something to look forward to, the franchise record for drop from one season to the next is 21 games (meaning the Sixers would have to finish 20-62 to tie it), by the worst team ever. Second is a 19 game drop by the 1951 Nationals (22-60 to match it). Third, the 72 Sixers with 17 games (24-58). At this rate, the Sixers are in serious contention to beat those teams for the worst year-over-year change in franchise history.
by Brian on Dec 10 2009
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