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A Word For Our Sponsor

I'm sure you've all noticed the MLB Front Office Manager ads running on the Blogs By Fans Network for the past week or so. I just wanted to reach out to all of our readers and explain what's going on with the advertisement, and the network as a whole.

This network has been, and will hopefully always will be, a passion project for myself and all of our writers. We truly love the teams we write about and we're just happy to have a platform to share our thoughts with a group of die-hard fans. That being said, we all have day jobs, responsibilities and bills to pay. That's where our marketing director, Lisa, comes in. She spends her days working hard to find advertisers who provide products or services that fit our audience. This time, I think she hit a home run.

2K Sports' newest game, MLB Front Office Manager, will be available in stores and online  today. In a nutshell, it's a game that allows you to become the general manager of your favorite baseball team, which is essentially what we all do every day on sports blogs.

Since this is a blog, and my interaction with the readers is on a very personal level, I'll make you all a promise right now. I'll never write a post for an advertiser if I wouldn't spend my own money to purchase the product. With that in mind, I'll be stopping on my way to work to purchase a copy of this game. I'm not being paid to write this post, I'm writing it because the success of this network is very important to me and I really believe this game is a perfect fit for our audience.

You can see what the game is all about here. You can also order a copy of the game online through the same site.

Thanks for your time and your support of our network and its sponsors,

Brian Ward
Founder, Blogs By Fans
by Brian on Jan 27 2009
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