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A Road Test

In my breakdown of the second half I had this game as a loss. I'm going to change that prediction right now.

The Hornets will be without both Tyson Chandler and David West tonight. As we've noted before, they have zero depth in their front court. The Sixers should absolutely abuse them on the inside.

After the jump we'll take a quick look at the stats and pick a few keys for the game. Stop by during the game for conversation in the comments section, I'll be here.

I think you can throw most of the New Orleans stats right out the window. Without West and Chandler, they're a different team. That should be enough of an advantage for the Sixers to take this game, but there is one reason to be worried.

The Hornets will run with James Posey at the four for long stretches of time. That puts four very good three-point shooters on the floor at a time. If they go to this lineup, the Sixers need to do a couple of things, depending on the score. If the Sixers are leading, they should go big right away, preferably with both Speights and Brad on the floor. There's no way Posey can handle either of them in the post. Punish them on the inside. It's extremely hard to come back when you can't get stops on the offensive end.

If they're behind, then you probably have to go small with Thad at the four. Either way, whoever is playing the four needs to get out from under the basket and extend to the three point line. There's no threat on the inside tonight, no excuse for leaving guys wide-open for threes.

Check out this article, it seems like Byron Scott is really hoping the Sixers won't start Elton Brand. He doesn't have anything to worry about, though, EB will be coming off the bench again.

I'll be tracking possessions with EB on the floor again tonight. Hopefully, his minutes will be increased a little more. I'd like to see him get up to 20. More importantly, I'm wondering when we'll start to see EB on the floor during crunch time.

The tip is at 8 p.m., I'll be right here so join me in the discussion. It's time to get above .500 and stay there.

by Brian on Jan 26 2009
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