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Dear Allen Iverson, Please Sit It Out

Allen Iverson was voted in as a starter for the Eastern Conference in the All Star game. He doesn't deserve it based on his play. You know it, I know it and he definitely knows it. It's an honor for him to garner the votes, it's a tribute to the warrior he's been in the past and the cache his name still carries. As a matter of practicality and pride, however, he really needs to politely decline the invite.

The good news is that he's got an easy out. Seemingly every night he's a game-time decision with his arthritic knee problems. Simply say the knee is acting up, graciously thank the fans and get some rest. You don't want to go to the All Star game as a charity case, not after you've been the MVP of the league, and the MVP of previous All Star games.

You can even make the trip to Dallas, walk out on the floor, salute the fans for voting you in, but please don't suit up. You aren't the player you once were, and that's OK, it happens to all of us. The more important thing to realize is that you aren't the man you once were. You've grown up. You've matured. It's time to act like it, correct the horrendous mistake the fans made and let the best players in the league go out on the floor for the All Star game. Think about when you were an up-and-comer and some aging relic was grandfathered into the game ahead of you. You don't want to be that guy, you're better than that.

Save the wear and tear for the fans in Philadelphia who still adore you and pay good money to see you on the floor.
by Brian on Jan 21 2010
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