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New Commenting Policy

In an effort to clean things up around here, after the jump I'm going to lay out the first formal commenting policy for Depressed Fan.

Over the past three-plus years, there have been over 36,000 comments on this blog, and the vast majority of them have been a joy to read. Every post I write is my opinion, without fail. I do not work for a mainstream media company, I am not a journalist by any stretch of the imagination. I'm a fan who watches every game, spends a lot of time researching statistics and trends, and had the technical skills and determination to build myself a forum to talk about the Philadelphia 76ers.

I am not beholden to anyone, whatever I publish on this blog represents my interpretation of what I've seen/read/researched. I am not infallible, nor have I ever claimed to be. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've had a back-and-forth with just about every regular commenter over a certain aspect of the team that we've disagreed upon. It's the differences that make the conversation stimulating. It's the stimulating conversation that keeps me writing.

My goal is to keep this blog as open as possible, and for the community of Sixers fans who frequent the site to grow along with it. That being said, I will not stand by and watch the quality of comments degrade to that of Philly.com. I have no interest in sifting through 10 "Iggy sucks, Iverson rulz," comments to get to the next thoughtful post. I have no interest in checking out the discussion on a post I spent a lot of time writing to see comments that essentially say, "This blog sucks," or "You suck, Brian." If the only opinion you're going to state is that this blog is horrible, there's a simple solution. Don't read it. If you disagree with something I say, take a second, think about what I've said, and then tell me why you think I'm wrong. If you can back it up with stats or observations, that would be great. Those are the type of comments that spark lively debate. If you disagree with everything I say, maybe you should ask yourself why you continue to read.

So here's the policy.

  1. Think before you hit submit.
  2. If you disagree with something that's been said, either by myself or someone else, make sure you say why you disagree and how you feel about the matter. Avoid, "You're an idiot," replies. It's fine to attack opinions, stay away from attacking people.
  3. If the whole purpose of your comment is to tell me I suck, rest assured that I know I suck and you don't need to remind me. No need for the comment to be made at all.

That's it. I'll abide by these guidelines at all times going forward and I'm going to have to insist everyone else does as well.
by Brian on Jan 24 2010
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