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No Brandon Roy, No Problem!

Even without the services of their super-duper-pooper star Brandon Roy for most of the game, the Blazers took care of the Sixers at the Wach last night. Abbreviated wrap, rotation chart and a few questions after the jump.
As you can tell from the rotation chart, Jordan got his asinine rotations out of the way in the first half. One lineup had Thad at the five. Another had Willie at the three. After the half, though, he stuck with solid defensive lineups for basically as much as he could. The usual starters were trotted out there, then Brand was the first big off the bench with Jrue to follow a minute and a half later and play the final 14:39 of the game. That made this one worth watching, for me. I don't know about you guys.

I'm really short on time tonight, and I won't be around much tomorrow due to a family emergency, so I'm going to ask you guys a series of questions. Use the comments to answer whichever ones you'd like and feel free to bash Iguodala for only scoring 10 points in the fourth quarter and not 13.

  1. Multiple choice: Eddie Jordan used Jrue Holiday for heavy minutes in the second half tonight because: (a) He shot the ball well in his first-half run, (b) Ed Stefanski had a chat with him about defense after the Minnesota loss and this really wasn't his choice, (c) Eddie Jordan finally saw the light and realized defending down the stretch might be a good idea.
  2. Elton Brand played 26 minutes tonight being guarded by 81-year-old Juwon Howard, LaMarcus Aldridge, Jeff Pendergraph or Donte Cunningham. Whose fault is it that he only got 8 shots (hitting 6 of them)?
  3. Will Thad be removed from the starting lineup at some point this season? How many more 3/12 shooting nights will it take to get Brand to start at PF?
  4. Do you think the Iguodala three was the play Eddie Jordan called out of the timeout, or do you think that was Iguodala on his own?
  5. Did you have a problem with Iguodala getting the shot in that situation? Just something to keep in mind, he shot 4/6 from the floor in the fourth up to that point, and 2/3 from the line. His steal and subsequent dunk was really the only reason they were even in the game. I think we can all agree the quick three wasn't the shot we wanted, but did you want AI9 to be the guy taking the shot, no matter what the shot was? My personal feeling is that in that situation, in that game, with those matchups, I'm going to Brand. The only thing that stopped him tonight was a lack of touches and a lack of minutes.
  6. Finally, how low do you think Stefanski will let this team sink before he makes a change? How many games below .500 before he either holds a fire sale or sends Eddie Jordan packing?

Player of The Game: Sammy. He didn't get onto the floor until 1 minute before the tip, wound up playing 32 minutes, scoring 10 points and grabbing 15 rebounds. I can't say enough about the kind of man Sam Dalembert is.
Team Record: 13-28
Up Next: Dallas on Friday night.

Keep it civil today, I probably won't be around much. Check back late in the afternoon for another quick post.
by Brian on Jan 21 2010