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For Once, The Schedule Should Help

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At their core, the Sixers are a young team. Superficially, you'd think that quick turnarounds would be beneficial to them, considering their opponents are typically older. In this case however, the extra days off will be an advantage for the Sixers.

Andre Miller (32) played the last 10-15 games of the season running on fumes and logging heavy minutes. In game 1 he played 39. Theo Ratliff (35), played 24 minutes. No way he could log those minutes if they were playing a back-to-back and they're going to need heavy minutes from him. Donyell Marshall (35), basically ran the entire fourth quarter without a significant rest. The off days should make him available for even more minutes in game 2.

While the core of the team is young, the Sixers absolutely need big contributions from these guys to pull off the series upset. This ridiculous playoff schedule will make heavy minutes for these vets possible and I think that outweighs the extra days for Hedo and Lewis to recover from their injuries.