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Insult To Injury...Or Vice Versa

This from ESPN's recap of the game:

Brand said his shoulder felt stiff over the last few days. He called the discomfort a "setback, absolutely," and didn't know if he would miss any more games. "It's not just the pain, it's the restriction,"

Brand said. "It's like I can't make a little hook shot without it bothering me."
Sounds to me like he's going back on the shelf and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the doctors tell him it's time to have the surgery. If that happens, all bets are off. Obviously, Brand won't be traded, but it could punch Andre Miller's ticket out of town.

It's amazing, one stop and one made field goal over the stretch of two games are the difference between a 25-22 record, a ton of momentum and a run at the #4 seed and the possible dismantling of this team before the All Star break.
by Brian on Feb 4 2009
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