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http://www.depressedfan.com/img/nbaplayoffs041109.gifAfter the Pistons loss tonight, a Sixers win tomorrow will clinch them a finish of no worse than #7. The magic number for the #6 seed is 2. The Bulls pulled out a victory against the Bobcats at home a few minutes ago.

The Bulls meet the Pistons on Monday night, so if things break the right way, the Sixers could have their first .500 season since 2004-2005, secure a finish of no lower than the #6 seed and still be very much alive in the battle for fifth. Of course, a road game against a losing team is standing in their way, and we all know how they've handled those situations recently, so don't count your chickens just yet.

Two other important games tomorrow, the Celtics play at Cleveland. If Boston can pull out the win, Cleveland will not be playing for the best home record ever against the Sixers on Wednesday. I'm ashamed to admit, I'll be rooting for the Pistons. The other big game is the Heat at the Knicks. If D'Antoni can somehow find a way to get his team to knock off Miami I promise to stop saying his gimmick offense is a joke and LeBron would be crazy to go to NYC when he hits free agency for at least one month.
by Brian on Apr 11 2009
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