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The "More Minutes For Turner" Discussion

It's gotten to the point where every single thread is being hijacked with the Turner vs. Meeks discussion, and really nothing has been added to the conversation by either side in the first month of the season. It's time to segregate this entire argument. If you have anything to say about the subject, post it here. If you post it elsewhere, it will be deleted.

Be sure to click the expand link and vote in the poll if haven't already done so.

I'm doing this mostly because I don't want to have to scroll through dozens of comments and replies saying exactly the same thing about the same tired subject. You will always be able to find this post on the right side of the page below the reading list. I'm dead serious about this. Use it or your comments will be deleted until I get sick of deleting them. Then I'll just ban you and send you to Bleacher Report.

by Brian on Jan 29 2012
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