Game 60

60 ORL Away APR 16, 7pm 100  113  31-29  link   Jrue Holiday 
Apr 17
1:03 AM
by Brian
Click for full story. It's not that the Sixers have collectively cashed in this season that bothers me. It's not that they look like an NBADL team out there that keeps me up at night. I can deal with bad teams. I've dealt with them in the past. There's always been a reason to watch. The thing that makes this season so unbelievably unbearable is that they had to start out so well. They had to plant that seed of false hope, only to fall to pieces in front of our eyes. I'm sure it's not the case, but when you watch them get beat up by the Magic without Dwight, you can't help but say to yourself, "They don't even care." (game capsule)

Rotation Chart

4 Factors

Apr 16
2:45 PM

by Brian

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