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Ultimately, who cares about the media attention, I just want the win. Every night, get the win.

I was looking at some numbers this afternoon and I came across just a breathtaking number. To this point, Evan Turner has attempted 26 shots at the rim. He's made 25. A 96% conversion rate. That's unheard of to the point where I almost think it's an error.

Anyway, these were the numbers I was looking up when I stumbled across that. I wanted to see the shot distribution for the Sixers four main perimeter players (I left Jodie out, because I see him as more of a specialist). So this is Jrue + Iguodala + Lou + Evan:

  • At the rim: 131 FGA
  • 3-9 feet: 69 FGA
  • 16-23 feet: 160 FGA
  • 23+ feet: 154 FGA

I looked at these distances in particular, because I consider the long twos to be terrible shots, and the other three distances to be very good attempts, and I also think the Sixers offense really depends on these four guys to get the ball into the paint to get the easy poins and free throw attempts their "finesse" bigs typically don't get. I'd really prefer to see more three-point attempts than long twos from this group (Turner and Jrue both have attempted more long twos than threes, Jrue is at 46/45, but turner is 34/12, in the wrong direction). Overall, though, I think these guys are doing a very good job in their shot selection as a group. These ratios are something we can keep an eye on tonight. When the Sixers are settling for long twos, that typically means they aren't working their offense. When they're passing on that jumper to drive the lane, or hit a cutter to the hoop, they're much more effective.

This game will be the Sixers biggest challenge since opening night. It looks like Turner will play, but there's no word on Hawes, yet. Cross your fingers that Spence will play, sit back, and enjoy these classically, fatally flawed teams go at each other for 48 minutes.

The tip is at 7pm. This is your game thread. I'll be right here throughout, join me if you curse every time you see a Sixer jack a 20-footer with 18 left on the shot clock.

Prediction: PHI 103, DEN 94
by Brian on Jan 18 2012
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