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Smith Over Speights?

With game one of the preseason in the books, we have our first glimpse into Eddie Jordan's substitution patterns. Obviously things will change, but coming out of camp and into the preseason opener, it appears as if Jason Smith is above Marreese Speights on the depth chart.

The game deteriorated into nothing resembling an actual NBA game in the third quarter, but I think Jordan's substitution pattern in the first half is telling. With 5:59 left in the first, Elton Brand picked up his second foul and Jordan tapped Jason Smith as the first big off the bench. This was a surprise to me, and if he was subbing in for Dalembert, I may not put too much meaning on it, but the fact that he came in at the four means, to me, that he played his way in front of Speights in training camp.

Overall, it's probably not that big of a deal, but it was really the only shock of the night. There's plenty of time for Speights to work his way back up, and I do believe he's the more talented player. If he's motivated, he'll move back up. Either way, there will be plenty of minutes available.

Willie Green was the second man off the bench, for Lou Williams with 4:55 to go on in the first. When Lou hit the bench, Iguodala really got on a roll dishing the ball. I believe he had 6 assists in the first quarter. Speights came in for Sammy with 2:23 left in the first and Kapono for Thad a little less than a minute later.

Ivey started the second quarter for Iguodala, meaning the Sixers started the second with their second unit out there: Ivey, Green, Kapono, Smith and Speights. This team struggled rebounding the ball, but they really turned the screws on the Raptors defensively. Personally, I hate rotations like this. I like the continuity of always having a starter or two on the floor together, but time will tell how this works out. Right now, those guys are accustomed to playing together, and it seemed to work well.

Jordan rotated the rest of the starters back in throughout the second quarter and they finished the half together. Refreshing to see Sammy let back in the game before the third quarter with two fouls.

For the game, they went twelve deep, with Jrue playing 14 minutes (straight) and Dionte Christmas as the last man off the bench.

Thoughts on Jordan's rotations in the comments.