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Two Hot Teams Meet in Detroit

The Sixers will lug their monstrous two-game winning jag into Detroit tonight to face a reborn Pistons squad, sporting a three-gamer of their own. Since the Pistons inserted Andre Drummond into the starting lineup, they've won 50% of their games (4-4), and they're fresh off thumping the mighty Cavs on Friday. Only one streak will survive.

The Pistons are pretty much equally bad on offense and defense. It looks like Jose Calderon will be out tonight, and unfortunately it looks Drummond might miss the game as well. I was looking forward to seeing how Drummond has progressed in his rookie year. He had a dominating performance last week against the Bobcats in which it looks like Charlotte employed the hack-a-Drummond (he shot 9/17 from the line). Drummond finished the game with 29 pts, 11 boards on 10/11 from the floor in 34 minutes. Drummond is looking like a perfect compliment to Greg Monroe up front for Detroit, a five who can hide Monroe's horrific defense and feed off his solid passing on the interior.

Anyway, without Calderon, Jrue will probably be matched up with Knight on the defensive end, and guarded by Stuckey on the other. Both favorable matchups. Turner will be outclassed athletically and otherwise by Singler.

That's about as much as I can muster. Collins coaching out the string, the team playing out the string. The only modicum of drama for me is whether Jrue can peak his head above the Mendoza line of efficiency before the season ends, which is looking doubtful.

The tip is at 7:30pm. Use this as your game thread. I'll be watching on DVR if DirecTV doesn't do me a huge favor and black it out again.
by Brian on Apr 15 2013
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