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Well, the run of impressive effort keeping the Sixers in games when their talent dictates they should not be has officially run out. Cleveland is a poor team, I'd still take bets they won't win 30 games, despite their 5-5 start, and they made the Sixers look sophomoric tonight in handing Philly their 9th loss in 11 tries.

I had to watch this one my iPhone in a really bad situation, so I don't have a lot of analysis at this point. I thought Jrue played excellent defense on Sessions, then the Cavs started using the pick and roll to spring Gibson and the defense completely fell apart. Offensively, the Sixers just really don't look like they know what they want to do, who they want to be. Brand is assertive when he gets the ball, but only one or two guys on the team even look for him.

This is probably going to sound crazy, but for a long stretch, the Sixers did a very good job defensively. Cleveland was depending on long jumpers from Jamario Moon and dribble-drives from Anthony Parker. If you force a team into either of those situations, your defense is doing its job. Unfortunately, those bad basketball plays were resulting in scores more often than not. In the second half, I'm just really having a hard time coming up with any kind of positive at all.

That's all I've got for now. I'll update this post with more thoughts if I get a minute. The rotation chart and advanced stats will be added here as well. Sorry to mail this one in, but sometimes life intervenes. I hope you understand.

Here are your charts:

Player of The Game: Thad. 17 points on 12 shots, and 7 defensive boards. Very solid showing for Thad.
Team Record: 2-9
Game Capsule
by Brian on Nov 17 2010
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