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Bunches Of Rule Changes

Ric Bucher has the scoop on several rule changes, points of emphasis for the refs and new rules. One interpretation in particular should be dubbed "The Blake Griffin Rule" as it's main purpose is to stop this from happening. A bit of analysis to follow.

As they do every year, the league says they're going to crack down on travelling violations. It usually lasts a week or two, then the refs revert, so no big deal there. A couple of the rule changes are interesting, though.

First, did anyone realize the shot clock was actually 24.9 seconds long? Well, no more. This year, the clock will start at 24 and tick down to 23 zero-point-one seconds later. I'm not sure how much that one second is going to speed up the game, but it'll be interesting to see if it has an effect early in the season.

The two rule changes I really should curb some of the huge advantages scorers have enjoyed since the new hand check rules went into place, at least a little bit. The first is the "hand in the cookie jar" foul that Kevin Durant seems to draw about 5 times per game. This season, that isn't going to be a shooting foul. The other sort of modifies the continuation foul, which will probably hurt LeBron more than most. Basically, if a guy is fouled on the way to the hoop (after picking up his dribble) it's only a shooting foul if he's actually begun to shoot prior to the foul. Meaning if you pick your dribble up, get fouled, and take another step before shooting, it's a non-shooting foul.

Lou is probably the guy who will be most affected by the rule changes on the offensive end. On the defensive end, the continuation rule will probably wind up helping the Sixers quite a bit. Elton Brand gave fouls like it was his job last season, mainly because the Sixers didn't have a shotblocker protecting the rim. This year, those fouls he gives may not even be shooting fouls if he gets the guy early enough. I'm sure Collins had a smile on his face when he read these new rules, I know I did.
by Brian on Dec 8 2011
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