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Morning After Thoughts & Links

A few lingering thoughts on last night's loss, the upcoming games at the Wach and a boatload of links to get you through the day.

  • Orlando is still a flawed team.
    • Dwight Howard goes off for 31 and 16, Orlando loses.
    • Dwight Howard fouls out with 11 and 10, Orlando wins.
    • Don't double Howard.
  • These teams, as currently constructed, have now played three games. Orlando holds a 2-1 edge, the Sixers held a fourth-quarter, double-digit lead in one of those losses, and were within striking distance in the other. This is an even matchup, should be a hell of a series the rest of the way.
  • Stan Van Gundy settled things down by switching Courtney Lee onto Andre Miller early in the game. Lee didn't stop Miller, but he made things harder for him. This would not be possible if the Sixers had any kind of shooting guard on their roster. Here's a thought, play the big lineup with Iguodala at the two for stretches. Van Gundy will have to pick his poison with Lee, because whichever Andre he isn't guarding will have Rafer Alston on him. That's a monumental mismatch.
  • Thad is now 14/25 (56%) from the floor in the series. Is there any way they can just simply forget Willie Green (18.2% FG%) is on the floor with the first unit and give all of his shots to Thad? DiLeo seems bound and determined to run plays for Willie at the beginning of the game and the beginning of the third quarter. Why not run them for Thad instead?
  • Is anyone else worried that we've seen the last of Donyell? Typically, he comes in, wins a game, then gets minutes until he doesn't win a game. After that, he just disappears until he's dusted off in a desperate situation a couple weeks later.
  • At what point do we take Willie's minutes and give them directly to Ivey? Does Lee need to explode for 30 before we realize defending him may be a good idea? I'm fine with Miller on Alston, but Lee has proven he can and will hurt them. Get Green out of there and put Ivey on him.
Hip-Hop is roaming the city giving out free playoff tix. Look for a creepy rabbit on top of a van if you're in Philly this afternoon (I hope he gives away enough tix to fill the Wach up). Find out where he's going to be @Sixers


  • Lou Williams: "Defensively, they walled off the lane." (Philly.com)
  • Andre Miller on Courtney Lee: "We have to put a little more focus on him," (Philly.com)
  • Jordan saw more doubles on Howard, and didn't like it. (Liberty Ballers)
  • Dannie is wondering when the Sixers' strengths will actually be, you know, strengths. (ReclinerGM)
  • Courtney Lee lovefest. (Orlando Magic Daily)
  • Thank God it's Philadelphia. You have no idea how much I hope this guys is eating crow a week from now. (Orlando Sentinel)