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Game Four, Sixers vs. Magic

A 2-1 lead in a seven-game series is nice, but we've been here before. It feels good, but not Christmas-morning good. What would feel great? Well, being up 3-1, obviously. Keys and the in-game discussion after the jump.

You'll hear that swing games are the most important in any series, game 3 tied 1-1, game 5 tied 2-2, and obviously game 7. That's true, if you're into nail-biters. Personally, I have all the stress I can handle in my life. I'd like a nice, easy ride to the next round. The best way to secure that is by going out and thrashing the Magic tonight. I don't want to see a 2-2 series. I don't want to put myself through it. I want this Orlando team on life supoprt as the series heads back to Orlando, and I want no doubt left in anyone's mind whose series this really is.

Instead of running down the usual list of keys, I'll just use two words: threes, boards. You guys can fill in the rest. I do have one new key for this game, however. Let's call it "Where's Hedo."

Andre Iguodala has done an unbelievable job of locking down the "Turkish Michael Jordan," through the first three games. I'm sure every time Hedo closes his eyes he sees Iguodala crouched down in his defensive stance, daring Hedo to drive left, but with a his right hand in the air, waiting to block the shot or strip the ball. Tonight, I want the last shred of confidence Hedo has in himself destroyed. I want him thoroughly embarrassed. I want him left a shattered wreck. Every time he touches the ball, I want Iguodala all over him. In game three, Rashard Lewis shook loose for a couple of open threes and he seemed to get a little of his swagger back. That could spell trouble. Hedo has had no such moments in this series and I want Andre Iguodala to make sure it stays that way.

The tip is at 6:30pm, on TNT. I'll be at the game, so it's up to you guys to keep the game thread going. You did an awesome job in game three, by the way.

P.S. anyone who mentions what happened 364 days ago before the tip is officially banned until this series is over.