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Game Three: Sixers vs. Orlando

With any luck I'll be starting my long journey down to the Wach within the hour. You guys will be on your own for the game thread, but I have the utmost confidence in you. After the jump, my keys and the in-game discussion.
The keys are pretty simple. On defense, get back to what you did in game one. Dwight Howard scoring 40 points is not a bad thing. No doubles. It would be super if Sammy could reach double figures in minutes, but I'm not holding my breath. Make Howard earn as many points at the line as possible (3/7 last game). Whatever you do, do not start leaving guys open for threes. The Sixers have done a good job defending the bomb all series, now is not the time to let those shooters find a rhythm. Put simply, don't leave the shooters, and clean the defensive glass.

On offense, I'd like to see a concerted effort to get Iguodala more involved in the offense in the first half, and to keep Thad involved whenever he's on the floor. Last game, the big three combined for 71 points, if they can get that kind of production tonight coupled with an average game from Lou off the bench, they should be fine. If no one off the bench produces, then do an even better job of riding the big three. I don't want to see extra shots for Willie to "shoot out of it," this is not the time of year for that. Orlando has not been able to stop any of the big three. If you need a hoop, go to them. Obviously, I'd rather see a balanced attack, but the thing I care most about is an effective attack. Don't go long stretches without scoring and never forget about your mismatches.

I'll try to check in on the comments, the game is on ESPN2, tip is at 8:00pm. Let's get this W, huh? Biggest game of the season.