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Sixers Around the Web - Nov. 21st

Throughout the week, basketball writers from the major sites have a number of chats and run rumor columns. Every once in a while, they actually talk about the Sixers. In this column, GoSixers has aggregated the relevant stuff from the chats. You'll see stuff in here that will make you scratch your head, but keep in mind, these guys are experts.


Pete (Philly) - What can the Sixers get for AI9?
Chris Sheridan - I continue to believe that the trade that makes sense for them if they strictly want a salary dump is to OKC for Collison and MoP's expiring contracts along with Jeff Green and a No. 1.

Ben (NYC) - Eric Bledsoe the next Jrue Holiday?
David Thorpe - I wrote that this summer, and I still think it. They are different players totally, but in terms of a guy who was much better as a rook than as a college player, you bet

Donnie Walsh (NYC) - I wouldn't know a good young point guard if one slapped me in the face
David Thorpe - Jrue Holiday would be awfully good there.

VW (new york, NY) - You ranked in your top 5 PGs: Paul, Rondo, Dwill, Nash, Curry. Fast forward FIVE years and what's that list look like
David Thorpe -  Paul, Wall, Curry, DWill, Holiday/Jennings/Rose/Westbrook.

Skip (Philly) - When will the 76ers be a Championship contender?
David Thorpe - Not in the foreseeable future.

Rajon Rondo (Boston) - You think Holiday/Jennings will be better than me in 5 years? Why?!
David Thorpe - My mistake RR!! I'm typing fast. I'd probably put you 4th.

Ryan (NY) - You seem to rank Rose very low on all PG projections, is it because he is more of a SG than a PG?
David Thorpe - I'm more prone to love pure pg's, but Rose is terrific in his own way. Listen, there are lots of great pg's in the league, not everyone can be top 5.

JD (VA - Why hasn't Evan Turner's game translated to the NBA?
David Thorpe - Seems that teams are forcing him to shoot, and he's not the guy with the ball in his hands at all times.

Kevin (Dallas) - I've heard rumors (which could be totally false for all I know) about a swap which would bring in Iguodala and send out Caron/Pieces to make the numbers match. Would that even help the Mavs that much? I see them as basically the same player with Iggy just being younger and more athletic. Plus his contract is bad so the Mavs lose felxibility.
Jeff Caplan - Iguodala has long been rumored to the Mavs. But, go look at the money he is owed over about the next four years. It will floor you. With the CBA expiring this year and a hard cap possibly coming to the league, it would be hard to see the Mavs spending that type of dough on Iguodala, who I think gets overhyped. Roddy could solve all the two-guard issues as he progresses, but of course, the Mavs still seem fascinated with him at point guard. Not sure I am.

Stewart (phila) - Chad, Watching the sixers it's sometimes hard to see them winning another game. What should Rod Thorn do?
Chad Ford -Wasn't Rod Thorn living this nightmare last year in NJ? He seems to have brought some bad mojo with him. One they need to find a big man. Second, I think they have a tough decision to make between Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday. Both players are at their best with the ball in their hands. Turner transforms into a pretty mediocre player when he's off the ball. Ditto for Holiday. I think the Sixers are primed to make a big trade. Either Iguodala, Turner or Holiday for a young big man.

Brady (PA) - Doug Collins is giving Tony Battie more playing time than Marreese Speights. Is this a sign his vertigo symptoms are worse than previously thought?
John Hollinger -Check out some of the rotations he used in Washington. I thought Collins would improve them, but one of my worries was that he'd start slobbering over veteran retreads like Battie and Nocioni. Well, guess what

Aaron (Pottsboro, TX) - The mavs are spending the money to try to win a chmapionship at this moment. Since we all know there about one big move away from being able to seriously compete for that championship. What type of move do you see them making this year?
Chuck Cooperstein -No doubt they are in it to win it. That's been the case every year. I don't see them making a major move unless it's for someone who wants Butler's expiring contract. But is there anyone on a bad team that is ready to take that on and give you someone of quality? I don't think so. Guys like Iguodala aren't getting it done in Philly. Why do you think it will be any better here.

Wladimir (Santiago, Chile) - Hey Ric, any chance the mavs trade Butler?? I think the mavs are better suited with marion starting at the 3.
Ric Bucher - Haven't watched Butler and I haven't heard anything specific, but with his expiring contract, he'd be a great trading chip with the Sixers for Iguodala.


Bob in Philadelphia, PA:
If the Sixers decide to move Iguodala, what is a realistic return? Kaman? Peja and Thornton? Hard to gauge his value.

Bill Ingram:
It really is, and a move wouldn't surprise me. Doug Collins told us here in Dallas the other night that his team is lacking a star who can win games for them. Had to be tough for Iggy to hear that. He looked miserable after the game, too. Kaman isn't on the block, and I'm not sure he helps the Clippers. The Hornets would be foolish to make any moves right now. Houston would make a move for Iggy, and he'd be a nice fit there.

jb in arizona:
if iggy go to hornets,will he be starting over bellineli or ariza? will bayless have more PT as the season goes by?

Jason Fleming:
There is only one way Iggy goes to the Hornets: If the Sixers do a pure salary dump and take back Peja. That's not going to happen.

And if he did, and if there was question as to whether Iggy should start over Belilli or Ariza, then someone needs to be fired.

As for Bayless, he seems to be working himself out a nice little niche in New Orleans. It hurt for them to give up Collison, but the way Bayless has played makes it more palatable. But will his minutes go up? He's still backing up Chris Paul. Minutes don't go away from Paul unless he's hurt - Bayless will face a ceiling because of that

bryan in :
I've heard rumors about the possibility of the Blazes being interested in Nash or Iguiadala. Is there credence to these aspirations or are they simply rumor? With Roy being damaged goods might be a good idea to get another contributor

Luke Byrnes:
Those are both players that could help the Blazers.  If the could be had for the right price, the Blazers would obviously be interested, right.  Nash won't be dealt unless the Suns are well out of playoff contention (they are 6-4 right now, so don't count on that happening any time soon).  Iguodala is a possibilty, but Portland would probably have to part with Nic Batum, who is developing into a really good basketball player and is still really young.  I'm not sure the Blazers pull the trigger

Ryan in Los Angeles CA - Hi E, Do you think that the Clippers are going to start Aminu instead of Gomes more?
Eric Pincus:  That's what they did last night.  Coach Vinny Del Negro is worried about the team's collective inexperience but let's be frank - if they're not winning games - it's better to develop the kids than start a journeyman.

doug collins in 76ers - is true holiday annn all star>? can he be with one of the elite pointguards? what does he need to do to get there

Steve Kyler - Not yet, but he's pretty good... being the best player on a bad team rarely gets you noticed... also he'd have to beat out Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Jennings and Devin Harris who are all playing great this season too

mr76 in phila. pa: - what happens to iggy? will he be moved by the deadline? what can they get? draft picks possible?

Larry Coon:  - He has an Achilles injury, and may be feeling the effects of playing in the WC this summer. I think there's a reasonable chance he'll be moved, but it'd take some talent & picks coming the other way. If they do move him, it'll principally be for cost reasons.

76ers4life in phila. pa: - iggy, what will they do?

Stephen Brotherston: - 76ers4life, the 76ers have needed a shake up for a while and Iggy is the player who they will get the most back for.  It is hard to get up the nerve to trade him - Iggy is very talented and could be the missing piece for a team like NOH - it is just going to be very hard to let him go!  But the 76ers need to make a decision - trade youth for vets and try to make the playoffs and get a lot better fast - or blow it up and rebuild.   This standing pat is becoming painful.

Philly Fan in Home of Rocky - Do you think we will finally get rid of Iggy and let Turner Holliday develop? The 76ers aren't making the playoffs anyways and I'm sure they can get alot in return for his services.

Yannis Koutroupis - That's what I'm expecting, but not until closer to the deadline.

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The Hornets, however, would counter with the notion that the team's well-chronicled interest in swapping Peja Stojakovic's substantial expiring contract for a player such as Andre Iguodala, and the recent approval from ownership to completely revamp the team's practice facility in nearby Westwego, La., are signs that Paul's bosses do intend to spend more than their rivals expect

by GoSixers on Nov 21 2010
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