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If You Were In Charge

A few days before the preseason opener, as training camp winds down the path the Sixers new owners have chosen, at least for the short term, seems pretty clear. The team has returned largely in tact, they've made no major addition and Quin Snyder was the most notable departure. It's about time we take the pulse of the readers.

There are three main directions a team in the Sixers' position can take. They may not be entirely mutually exclusive, but for our purposes, they are. Personally, I think the route the Sixers have chosen to take is quite boring, but while I was hoping for more out of the new ownership group, they haven't done anything to close a door in the future. Essentially, it's been the status quo. Not ideal, not something to get excited about, but I guess the absence of a major mistake should be seen as a positive.

This roster has some upside, they'll have significant cap space in two years and they can create significant cap space as early as next summer. Giving Doug Collins another season to work with these guys may pay huge benefits...or, maybe a big opportunity is being missed as we speak. I'd probably give the Sixers a half-hearted one thumb up, one thumb down on the work they've put in so far this offseason. Or maybe just an incomplete.

Here's the question for you guys, make sure you vote in the poll and leave your thoughts/comments/rationale in the comments.

And for extra credit in the comments, are you happy with what the team has done so far this offseason?
by Brian on Dec 14 2011
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