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Sixers Around the Web - Nov. 28

Throughout the week, basketball writers from the major sites have a number of chats and run rumor columns. Every once in a while, they actually talk about the Sixers. In this column, GoSixers has aggregated the relevant stuff from the chats and other sources. You'll see stuff in here that will make you scratch your head, but keep in mind, these guys are experts.


jullia in new orleans - is der another trade coming for my hornets?i think they r not yet done?i think they r IGGY away for contention....thanks
Bill Ingram - I know they have a great deal of interest in Iguodala . . .so much that when Peja heard he was being traded he thought it was to Philly at first. I also think they'll make a run at Carmelo

Frank in Sacramento - Hi Bill, Assume a NO-PHILA trade of OKFR/THORNTON for IGGY/Hawes. Would this help each team? Who says no? Thanks.
Bill Ingram - I don't think you're getting Okafor away from NO,  especially for Hawes. That's a huge step back in the middle

jeff in tomball, TX - Hey bill when will the rockets pull the trigger on some trades? Andre iggy would sure help this team out with his defense and ability to score.
Bill Ingram - I can tell you that the Rockets are actively engaged in trade talks, and that Iggy is on their radar.

Knicksfan84 in Queens, NY - Knicks are now 6-8. I still do not like Landry Fields as our starting SG. Any hope they go after an Andrei Iguodala type instead of Melo?
Bill Ingram - Thye definitely miss Azubuike . . .they'll be MUCH better when he finally joins the team . . .and I don't think the Sixers are giving away Iggy for Curry's ending deal . .

yanny in philly - Hey Bill. What is iggy's trade value on the market right now? It seems we keep getting opportunities like favors (three team deal) and we just pass on it. Tell me sixers mgt is just incompetent.
Bill Ingram - I don't think they're completely incompetent, but there are issues in Philly for sure. Iggy's none too happy with his situation, and understandably so. Brand and Iggy should be delt to let the youth movement kick into high gear.

Nate in Cleveland, OH - If the Sixers don't get close to .500 by the All Star break I think AI is as good as gone. We have the TPE, picks, and the pieces to get a deal done. Tell me he doesn't fit perfectly with Byron Scott and the Cavs?
Jason Fleming - Cleveland could do much worse than essentially trading LeBron for Iguodala. I'd be reluctant to give up too many picks though, because $48 million in future cap relief is a pretty nice reward by itself

jullia in new orleans - is der another trade coming for my hornets?i think they r not yet done?i think they r IGGY away for contention....thanks
Jason Fleming - Their chance to get Iggy went away with the Peja trade in my mind. Are they done though? What, the last six trades in the league isn't enough? :) Joking aside, the only players left from last season are Chris Paul, Emeka Okafor, David West, Aaron Gray, and Marcus Thornton. I doubt any of the first three get moved. If the Hornets do make another deal, it will probably involved the expiring contracts of Willie Green and Marcus Banks...

Blazerfan in WA - If you were able to get Hinrich OR Igudala(for the Blazers)for expiring contracts and draft picks(maybe even Oden)which player would it be?
Jason Fleming - I think either player will make the team better, but only marginally so, honestly. I'm not convinced Hinrich is better than Miller. Maybe a little better defensively, but he doesn't have quite the vision of Miller - although he is a much, much better shooter over his career. Iguodala is best suited to the three and also isn't that great of an outside shooter. He is an excellent defender, good slasher, and very good passer...but does he make Portland better enough to take on his contract? I don't think he does.

brandon in new orleans - is there anyway we can still get iggy from phili even though we dont have peja? N what do you think we would have to give?
Tommy Beer - The Sixers are not interested in trade spare parts for Iggy.  They view him as a corner stone of their future

warriors fan in oakland - Biedrins+expiring for Iggy? Or, Biedrins+expiring for J. Smith? Who says no in each trade?
Tommy Beer - The Sixers say no and the Hawks say no.  Actually, they probably wouldn't actually say no - they'd probabaly just laugh and hang up...

Raptor man in Toronto - Good win last night! What sort of player can you compare Bayless to? Damon Stoudamire or Bibby? Do you think Raps should cash in on Reggie's hot start by trading him and Peja to a team like Lakers for Bynum? how bout for Iggy?
Stephen Brotherston - Raptor man, Good to see some excitement at the ACCagain - nice home stand. Draft Express puts Bayless between Louis Williams and Monta Ellis - either would be a very nice pick up.  But (my very early assessment) I like the Barbosa with better hops comparison.  I'm not a fan of picking up someone's oft injured player and hoping they will be okay when they play for you - I'm too risk adverse for that.  I really like hanging onto expiring deals with a new CBA coming - but if I could land Iggy - I'm listening.

ESPN Chats

Bob (Chicago) - Wouldn't Andre Iguodala be great in OKC?
Chris Sheridan - No. Contract too big, and they already have Thabo Sefolosha doing what he Iggy does defensively (at a fraction of the cost).

Fletchdog (OKC) - Would Tayshawn Prince or Rip Hamilton fit in OKC as a missing part to strengthen a deep playoff run?
Chris Sheridan - Yes, better fits than Iggy, and they come at half the price. Detroit still seeking low-post scorer, and OKC doesn't really have one. J.Green more of an inside-outside threat, and Ibaka is a defensive beast who ain't going anywhere. So it's a tough fit for each team to have its needs meet unless the Pistons are merely looking for draft picks.

Steve (Los Angeles) - Rank the "Most Untradeable Big Contract" list right now: B Davis, R Lewis, Arenas, B Roy, R Hamilton, E Brand....seems to me like Roy and Lewis have taken over the top spot...
Chris Sheridan - 1) Davis. 2) Roy. 3) Arenas.

Damon (Santa Cruz) - Any chance the Jazz could trade Kirilenko's expiring for Iggy?
Chris Sheridan - I think they'd be more comfortable with the guy they've got, especially since he comes off their cap. Iggy, however, would be a better defender on Kobe in the playoffs than anyone they have now.

Bert (NYC) - The Spectrum gets demolished today - what was your fondest memory of the Spectrum?
David Thorpe - None. Hated the Sixers growing up.

Cosmo (Anytown, USA) - I'm a Sixers fan now and I hate them. Is there any chance they can build a winner around Holiday and Turner - or does one of them have to leave?
David Thorpe - I don't like them together, but I'm willing to give it time.

Adam (Philly) - The sixers need to go with the youth movement, and while Iguodala is young, hes also very expensive and holding the team back. Why is he still a sixer?
Chad Ford - I think Doug Collins is asking why Doug Collins is still a Sixer. This is a team that has, sadly, confirmed what we felt about them this summer. They have a very strange mix there. The are overloaded in wings, have no real bigs other than an aging Elton Brand. It's a mess. And with Evan Turner struggling a bit, it's still hard to understand how they passed on Derrick Favors. Something needs to happen and I agree that Iguodala will probably be the bait to make it happen.

Tom (Jones) - What do you think the odds are of the mavs making a significant trade move at the deadline this season?
Jeff Caplan - Are you Tom Jones or Tom in Jones? The Mavs certainly have the trade chips, but I don't see a huge splash coming. The biggest names most of you throw out during these sessions are Gilbert Arenas and Iguodala. Both have huge contracts that I just can't see the Mavs taking back, especially with the CBA situation. So, no, I don't see a huge splash out there. That doesn't mean one isn't out there. More and more with this offense I'm thinking I would take a chance on Carmelo Anthony even if it means giving up Roddy and no guarantee from Anthony that he'll sign an extension. He's the perfect complement to Dirk.

ESPN Weekend Dime: How unlikely was Washington's rally from 15 points down in the fourth quarter to beat visiting Philly in overtime Tuesday night? The Wizards had lost their previous 136 games in which they trailed by at least 15 at any point in the fourth quarter, dating to a comeback win over Phoenix on Jan. 30, 2004.

NBA.COM: Steve Smith - Doug Collins to Philadelphia reporters on his team's slow start: "I look at my coaches all the time and I go, 'Any suggestions?'" ... Andre Iguodala has missed six games in six years in the NBA and none in the last four seasons. He's already missed five games this season with "tendinitis," which translated means, "Trade me because I'm not saying anything and being fined, but I'm out of here." It comes from the Baron Davis guide to being the guy you don't want on your team

Hoopshype.com: The separation between the two players was apparent when Turner missed two free throws with eight seconds left, when he just needed one to secure to win. "I don't ever, ever do that," Turner mumbled after the game. "I don't know how that happened." Arenas offered a suggestion. "I told him two plays before that when I fouled him the first time and I said, 'We're going to foul you because you're a rookie. Rookies always miss," Arenas said, apparently forgetting the clutch rookie in his locker room.


ESPN - Marc Stein
27th (26 last week) - Iguodala's future is still the story with this team ... even after that New Orleans trade with Toronto that cost the Hornets an asset (Peja's contract) believed to be earmarked for an Iguodala offer. Just tellin' the truth.

ESPN - John Hollinger
Changes daily, sixers 21st on Monday, down to 24th on Saturday before Nets game. 

NBA.COM - John Schuhmann
27th (26 last week) There was some ugly basketball played at the Whatevertheycallitnow Center this week, as the Sixers split a pair of games with the Raptors and Bucks by an average score of 88-87. Philly has tightened up its defense, but now has a five-game streak of scoring less than a point per possession.

SI.COM - Britt Robson
29th  (no change) That 20-year-old Jrue Holiday is settling in at point guard has been a silver lining in a wretched start. Holiday is finishing at the rim more often and effectively than he did as a rookie, his assist-to-turnover ratio is up and, for the most part, he works hard on defense. With Elton Brand aging, Andre Iguodala reportedly on the trade block and No. 2 pick Evan Turner facing a steep learning curve, the 6-4 Holiday is beginning to emerge as the face of the franchise.

29th - The demolition of the Spectrum, the arena the Sixers called home until 1996, began with a wrecking ball on Tuesday. The front office may or may not have gotten any bright ideas.

Various Articles

David Thorpe Rookie Rankings - November 17th
Turner is making the classic rookie mistake for guards and it's killing his shooting percentages. Almost half of his eight shot attempts per game come from 16-23 feet -- the so-called midrange game. And he's making only about a third of them.
Young players that have a more developed game often think they are great midrange shooters, when in reality they rarely are. They remember making lots of midrange shots when they were in college or high school but have conveniently forgotten how many more they missed. In Turner's case, choosing to be mostly a midrange guy in the pros has kept him from getting to the free throw line, where he has only 27 attempts in 11 games (he did get to the line eight times Tuesday, however).
Although Turner doesn't possess great athletic talent, he has been blessed with toughness, craft and the ability to get to the paint and finish inside. Sure, he needs to continue to work on his perimeter shot every day, but for the next few months, focusing on being a slasher would be the better move.

Possibly some insight to the value of Andre Iguodala

Examination of the Hornets/Raptors deal from a cap point of view

From Daily Dime - Another use of cap space (I didn't know about, maybe you did)
ESPN.com's Marc Stein reports Collison's four-year extension is worth about $11 million and includes a signing bonus that will push his 2010-11 cap number from $6.75 million to $13.3 million.

According to Stein, the Thunder were allowed to do this because they were under the cap and all the room was given to Collison.

Collison's contract is cap-friendly and will help the team in the future when they have to sign Jeff Green, Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka to new deals.

Top 5 over paid players 2010/2011 version

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