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Sixers Draft Index: 2010-2011


I'd like to thank Rich for the idea. This post is a place to share thoughts on any/all college players who the Sixers could/should/might/shouldn't target in the upcoming NBA draft. Typically, I don't get into the draft much until very late in the season, and even then only if the Sixers have a legit shot at a top pick. This is too early for me, but I know a lot of you guys follow the college game closely, so this post will serve as a repository for all scouting reports, and discussion.

I'll find a visual home for it on the right sidebar so we can keep the conversation going throughout the season. Did you catch a UNC game over the weekend? Leave an update on Harrison Barnes? Duke: Kyrie Irving. Baylor: Perry Jones.

Have at it, guys.
by Brian on Nov 22 2010
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