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We're Not As Bad As You Are...

...or are we? That's pretty much the theme of tonight's game in Washington. The Sixers and Wiz have similar records, the only difference being a couple extra road wins for Philly (both teams enter 22-18 at home). Since there's nothing to play for and less reason to watch, I dug deep and found this picture of John Wall celebrating after hitting a three. The photog who nabbed this shot must've been on cloud nine, it's like seeing a unicorn.

My bar is set pretty low. I'd be satisfied if the Sixers (outside of Thad) could at least drum up some interest in playing the game.

The tip is at 7pm. Use this as your game thread. There's no way I'm rushing home to catch this one live. Jrue's 18/8 season is slipping away (he's at 17.9 ppg after the Hawks game), maybe that will motivate him.
by Brian on Apr 12 2013
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