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Chad Ford Is Off His Rocker

I'm convinced Chad Ford is out of his mind. He continues to beat the drum that the Sixers are likely to trade the #2 pick (a) because Turner doesn't fit with Iguodala and (b) because other teams are interested in moving up and (c) because Doug Collins is in a "win now" situation. Let's throw some cold water on Ford's faulty logic after the jump.
Forget (a) because it's ridiculous to say they can't play together before you even try it. Forget (b) because it doesn't matter, in the least. (c) is kind of funny, because he's essentially saying the Sixers will trade away the rights to the most NBA-ready player in this draft. The most likely guy to make an immediate impact on the team that drafts him, in a big way, to move down and take a less proven commodity because they want to win now. Makes sense.

On top of all that nonsense, Ford continues to say the Sixers are trying to get someone to take on Elton Brand's contract in a package to move the #2 pick. Ford thinks that's ridiculous, because the 3 years, $51M left on Brand's contract is just too much for anyone to want.

While it may or may not be true that Brand is unmovable, the thing that absolutely cracks me up is this quote from Ford on Gilbert Arenas, from a separate article:

"Arenas won't be easy to trade. He has four years, $80 million left on his contract, has battled injuries the past few seasons and is coming off an embarrassing scandal. But he isn't impossible to trade either. He's still one of the best scorers in the league ..."

Seriously? This guy is seriously saying that Gilbert Arenas, the guy who just got out of jail for pulling a gun on a teammate in the locker room, the guy who played 47 total games over the past three seasons, and has taken more dumps in teammates shoes than hit game-winning shots in that time will be easier to move than Elton Brand? Forget that Arenas is owed $30M more, and signed for an extra season, just look at what the two guys did on the court last season. Brand was just as effective as Arenas, only he didn't completely dominate the ball. And to top things off, Ford is saying there's no way the Sixers will be able to get someone to take Brand WITH the number two pick (Evan Turner), but he's saying the Wizards could probably move Arenas without sweetening the pot.

What world is Ford living in?