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Lakers Outlast Sixers

I suppose there's no reason to hang your head after this loss as a Sixers fan. They went into LA, gave the Lakers all they could handle until the waning moments and really put forth a solid effort the entire night. It just wasn't enough against this Lakers team (even if the Lakers appeared to be sleepwalking through the win.)

It's late and I'm running on fumes, so here's your rotation chart followed by a few scattered thoughts on the game:


  • Eddie Jordan used only 8 players, and he leaned on his starters pretty heavily. Iguodala played every second of the first half and finished with 44 minutes. Seemed like Jordan really wanted this one.
  • We saw a big, big lineup for a stretch in the second with Iguodala at the point, Carney at the two, Thad at the three, Speights at the four and Brand at the five. That unit actually played pretty well together. Jordan didn't go back to it in the second half.
  • Jrue cut his lower lip early in the game, got five stitches to close it up and returned for the second half. I thought he played a solid all around game, and did a very good job on Kobe. Carney and Iguodala also did good work defending Bryant.
  • This game wasn't lost because of poor offensive execution (though I would've liked to have seen more drives to the hoop), and the defensive effort was excellent as well. Keep in mind the Lakers are the best defensive team in the league, and also top-ten on offense. This game was lost on the defensive glass. The Lakers grabbed 16 of a possible 43 offensive rebounds. I can't tell you how many times solid defense led to a tough shot, only to have one of the Lakers bigs get an easy put back.
  • Elton Brand just looks horrible out there right now. I have no idea what's going on, because he wasn't this bad even earlier this season. It's almost like he hit the rookie wall, or the over-the-hill wall, or whatever. 1/6 for 2 points with 4 rebounds simply isn't going to cut it.

That's all I have tonight.

Player of The Game: Iguodala, I suppose. He only shot 5/15 on the night, but he did grab 9 boards and hand out 10 dimes while only turning the ball over twice. All nine of Iguodala's rebounds were defensive, so just imagine how bad the rest of the team was on the defensive glass.
Team Record: 22-36
Up Next: Orlando, Monday night.
by Brian on Feb 27 2010
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