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Miller Heads Back To The Left Coast

Well, it's a done deal folks. Andre Miller was signed by the Portland Trailblazers. The deal was for 3 years, $21M (the third year is some kind of team option). I truly believe Miller sealed his fate in Philly by skipping his exit interview, and as a franchise it's officially time for the Sixers to move on.

Miller will play tough basketball for the Blazers, and he may help them win a couple more games this season. Was it a smart signing for them? Well, it looks like he was at least #3 on their wish list, after losing out on both Hedo Turkuglu and Paul Millsap, but they had cap space and they were determined to use it.

I wish Andre nothing but the best. He was a true warrior for the Sixers and probably more responsible for this team's sudden turnaround after Iverson's departure than anyone else. Age had slowed him, his defense suffered, but he could still take over a game and he was the guy who knew when they desperately needed a hoop to stop the other team's momentum. Someone else is going to have to fill that role for the Sixers now.

In other - and frankly more important - news, Coach Jordan appears to be heading into camp with Iguodala and Lou Williams penciled in as his starting guards. There's really only one way to read this, unless something drastic happens in camp, we're going to see Iguodala at the two, Thad at the three and Brand at the four. That's the way it should be, and that's a very, very, very good sign.

With those three positions locked down by the team's three best players, I envision two battles being played out. Lou vs. Jrue for the starting PG spot and Sammy vs. Speights for the starting C spot. Odds are long that either of those positions goes to the younger player at this point (although I'd say they're better for Speights). Check out that link, it lists a bunch of potential guys the Sixers could sign for the minimum as well. None of whom should be in the running for a starting spot.

Well, take it easy and enjoy the Wrong West Coast, Andre. We're going to miss you, but it was just time to move on.
by Brian on Jul 25 2009
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