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So the Sixers lose a game on the road, on the second night of a back-to-back, to the 23-4 Celtics, who are 13-1 at home, when the Celtics have several days of rest, by four points and the sky is still falling? Andre Iguodala turns Paul Pierce into a sniveling mess with his lockdown defense, and this game somehow personifies how bad Iguodala is? Yeah, I love being a Sixers fan.

I'll have more thoughts tomorrow, but for tonight I'd love for people to get some perspective. The Sixers got their asses handed to them in Chicago on Tuesday night and had to come right back to play a well-rested Boston team in an extremely hostile environment. What do you think Eddie Jordan's Sixers team would've done tonight?

Obviously if a game comes down to the final couple of possessions the veteran team is going to win more often than not. Take a pill or something, and go back and watch what Iguodala did to Pierce all night long on the defensive end if you want to try to pin this loss on him. They lose this game by 20 points if Iguodala isn't wearing a Sixers jersey.

Player of The Game: Elton Brand. 16 points (on 8 FGA and 8 FTA), 12 boards (10 defensive). Brand was the entire offense for long stretches in this game.
Team Record: 11-18
Up Next: A holiday break, then Denver on Sunday (at the same time as the Eagles game, yikes).
More Perspective: The Sixers just played three road games against teams with a combined record of 33-9 at home and they went 1-2.
by Brian on Dec 23 2010
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