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Rod Thorn, the man who drafted Michael Jordan, stole Jason Kidd from the Phoenix Suns, rid the Sixers of Willie Green and signed Johan Petro to a 3 year/$10M deal less than a year ago. Until further notice, he's the guy with his finger on the button for the Sixers. How confident are you in the direction he's taking this team?

It seems like Thorn's days in charge of this franchise are numbered. Once the sale goes through, I believe the new ownership group will install their basketball guy, Jason Levien, as the decision-maker going forward. The odd thing here is that I don't think Thorn has necessarily done anything wrong since taking over. To be fair, he hasn't had much of a chance to screw up, but still, he wasn't here when the Dalembert trade was made. He had nothing to do with the draft last season. Essentially, the only things we have to judge him on are the Willie Green trade - which was a resounding success as far as I'm concerned - and not making any deals at the trade deadline, or before. Namely, he hasn't traded Andre Iguodala...yet.

At least until the sale is finalized, this is Thorn's show to run. He's said all the right things to this point. He hasn't made a mistake since taking over for the Sixers. So the question is, how much confidence do you have that he'll make the right decisions over then next four days for this franchise? Vote in the poll below, then leave your thoughts in the comments:

by Brian on Jun 20 2011
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