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Sixers Around the Web - Dec. 26

Throughout the week, basketball writers from the major sites have a number of chats and run rumor columns. Every once in a while, they actually talk about the Sixers. In this column, GoSixers has aggregated the relevant stuff from the chats. You'll see stuff in here that will make you scratch your head, but keep in mind, these guys are experts.

ESPN.com Chats

Stewart (Phila.)
David: I've heard it said it takes big guys longer to develop. Spencer Hawes seems to be showing signs of development. Whats your take on him?
David Thorpe
I think you are right. Sometimes failure is the best medicine.

Hoopsworld.com Chats

76ers4life in phila. pa:
what are the 76ers going to with iggy?
Luke Byrnes:
My guess is hold on to him... This year, at least.

Rick in Seattle:
Do the Cippers have interest in trading for a stronger SF, like Iguodala, or are they going to stay and develop Aminue
Eric Pincus:
Both really - it's just a matter of opportunity. If LAhas a chance to add in a high-level wing player - they will. Unfortunately those opportunities are rare.  Equally, they'll continue to groom a kid they really like in Aminu.

Shomy in fl:
Isnt it ridiculous that ORL are targeting Tony Battie as a back up?Also why didnt they try trade with one team see how it goes and then with another?
Eric Pincus:
Battie isn't a bad option at all. They just need a short-minute backup. He's not going to give them much but then they don't need much.

Will in Philly:
With the Knicks balking at Orlando's request for Turiaf, what kind of offer could/should the Magic make for Battie?
Steve Kyler:
Not sure Tony Battie matters enough to give up a real asset... I'd start with Daniel Orton... The Magic know he won't play for them this year... I can tell you I watched Rod Thorn and Otis have a conversation about Tony, not sure it goes anywhere.
The magic have Chris Duhon, Jason Williams and Ryan Anderson that are going to struggle to find minutes on this team, so those are your chips.
Isn't Jameer a Philly guy?... just sayin...

Adrian in NY:
Will Evan Turner be a Bust??
Tommy Beer:
No  too talented and too solid of an all-around game to be a "bust" He may never be a star, but he'll be able to contribute to an NBAteam

Joel Brigham:
JaVale McGee and/or Spencer Hawes mean nothing to the HEAT as far as winning a championship. They're a lot closer to now to what we thought theyd' be than they were at the start of the season, and I think that, even now, with all the injuries and disappointing losses, we can call them a serious contender. Keep the Super Friends healthy, and you've got a shot.

Kev in Los Angeles, CA:
Quick trade proposal - Clippers get Iguodala and Varejao , Phili gets Kaman, Moon(from Cleveland) and future # 1 from Clippers, Cleveland gets Aminu,Spencer Hawes(from Phili) and Rasual Butler.
Joel Brigham:
Not enough for Cleveland. Varejao is one of their only real assets, so if they're giving him up, they've got to really get something they can build on in return. Aminu and Hawes ain't it...

Mark in Georgia:
Lang, any chance we can send out Mo Evans or Pachulia and grad a shooter off the bench like Jason Kapono, Shane Battier or Francisco Garcia? We seem ok at center without ZaZa.....thanks!
Lang Greene:
Mark - shooting isn't the Hawks' problem. Atlanta simply cannot afford to lose any of their size inside ... and definitely not for a guy like Kapono. I know a lot of Hawks fans are down on Zaza, but you need a player like him on the roster in the event of short term injuries.


ESPN.com Marc Stein
16th (20th previously) One theory to explain the 8-3 revival beyond help from the schedule and Philly's vastly improved D: Opposing teams can't lock in on the Sixers because even they aren't sure night-to-night where their O will come from.

Fanhouse.com - Brett Pollakoff
17th (20th previously) Philadelphia is playing a stretch of good basketball right now, winning six of its last eight games. Oh, and the two losses? Those came against the Lakers and the Celtics.

NBCSports.com - Kurt Helin
16th They are No. 16 with a bullet -- they are 7-3 in their last 10 and would be are the eighth seed in the East if the playoffs started today. I think they're going to make the playoffs, which is not something I would have said mid-November.

Sportingnews.com - Sean Deveney
18th (21st previously) . With eight wins in their last 11 games, Philadelphia's eight-game road trip doesn't look quite as daunting as it would have a couple of weeks ago.

USAToday.com - Sagarin Ratings
20th as of December 23rd

ESPN.com - Hollinger Daily a/o Christmas Day
Sixers slipped to 16th after the Bulls pasting and the second celtics game. 


ESPN.com "The Life" - Sixers/Flyers Social Media uses

Hoopsworld - NBA AM (Monday) - Elton Brands Reemergence (after Arenas)

Brackins Listens, Learns From Veterans - Hoopsworld

Reality about to hit the 76ers (NYT Blog)

Q&A With Evan Turner (Examiner.com)

Louis Williams is hosting a New Years Eve Bash in Hollywood

Basketball Prospectus - Sixers Trending up (Pre bulls game)

Zumoff - Was Picking Turner a Mistake?
Hoopshype.com Rumors

Sam Amick: For what it's worth, consider Battie the more likely possibility as source close to the Knicks says "no chance" Magic getting Ronny: Twitter

More and more, the thinking at Knicks headquarters is that Anthony will sign the extension with some club -- be it New York, New Jersey or whomever -- rather than become a free agent with a lockout looming. So if the Knicks can't trade for Anthony by the Feb. 24 trade deadline, they've got two other potential Plan Bs in mind. In one, they may go after Philadelphia's Andre Iguodala, who would seem to fit nicely in Mike D'Antoni's system. Eddy Curry's expiring contract and one other player might be enough to pry Iguodala away from the Sixers, though Philadelphia doesn't want to give away its top player in a mere salary dump. Chris Broussard via ESPN.com

The tip is at 8pm tonight in Denver. Game thread will be up at 6:30.
by GoSixers on Dec 26 2010
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