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It's nearly that time of year. The lottery is on the horizon, the players will soon be measured and run through their paces for the pre-draft workout, then we'll have draft night in the NBA (possibly the last official NBA event for quite some time). It's time to put your first stake in the ground.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately when you look at the talent level in this draft, the Sixers won't have a horse in the draft lottery race this summer. There's no doubt as to where they'll be picking. Number 16 it is.

For the purposes of this exercise, though, let's not constrain ourselves by things like concrete draft slots. Instead, dream as big as you want. Here's the assignment:

You can come out of this draft with one player and one player only. Who do you want, and more importantly, what's the absolute most you're willing to give up to get him if you have to trade up? Oh, and why?

I'll go first. TK76 opened my eyes to Bismack Biyombo and everything I've seen, heard and read since convinces me this guy is exactly what the Sixers need. I don't care if he's 18 or 28, a big with that type of length, size, athleticism and aggression is exactly what this team needs on the inside. His offensive game lacks polish, but one quote about Bismack stuck in my mind, "He tries to dunk every time he gets the ball." I can picture him catching lobs from Turner, Jrue and Iguodala for years to come. As for what I'd be willing to give up to trade up to get him, well, I'd start with this year's number one and next year's as well. If it's going to take players, I'd start with Lou. If Iguodala is definitely going to be moved, you could probably do worse than a package that includes a pick to take Biyombo, though what I'd really love to see is a starting lineup of Jrue, Jodie, Iguodala, Brand and Biyombo on opening night next week. The length of that lineup would be hell on opposing offenses.

OK, have at it. Who's your guy, what would you give and why?
by Brian on May 6 2011
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