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This One Time, At Training Camp...

It's an amazing time of year, the season is nearing, beat writers are given open access to the early days of training camp, they've got copy to write, live chats to host. The players are pumped to be officially back in the gym, they're talking about practice on Twitter. Finally, posts will write themselves. After the jump, we'll look at some of the highlights from day one of training camp (with video).

Before we get down to business, check out this video from NBA.com. The window dressing is Iguodala making a sick trick shot, but the meat of the video is a glimpse into his offseason workout regiment. 500-1,000 shots per day. That's made shots, the misses don't count.

Now, back to practice. Eddie Jordan split the day into two sessions, the early session for defense, the nightcap for offense.

Early on, Jordan had guys tucking in their shirts, kind of laying down the law. A small detail, but still, I think important when you consider the precision of the system he's trying to install. The small details matter. Obviously uniforms don't matter, but I like the mindset.

Kate Fagan posted this video on Deep Sixer, watch it first, then I'll give you my take:

So, what do you think? Sammy getting started with the griping already? You could look at it that way. Or you could listen to what he says, then look at the evidence (Sam fouled out of 2 games, and collected 5 personal fouls in 8 others. That leaves 72 games where fouls should not have severely limited his minutes) and realize that he's 100%, nail-on-the-head, sure as shit correct. If/when Sam starts bitching about touches on offense, I'll be the first to jump down his throat, but what he's saying in this video makes perfect sense.

Good News, Horrible News: The starting five on the first day of camp was Andre Iguodala, Lou Williams, Thad Young, Elton Brand and Sam Dalembert. The second unit was Willie Green, Rodney Carney, Jason Kapono, Marreese Speights, and Jason Smith. I'm hoping this grievous error will be correct before camp is over.

That should be enough to get us through the morning. Much more about camp later on.

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by Brian on Sep 30 2009
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