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Where To Start?

The Sixers are off and hopefully you are as well. In the spirit of whatever holiday you celebrate let's use today to take a step away from the acrimony that is Sixers discussion and have some fun.

OK, so here's the scenario. You're starting a team in the NBA today, the rules stand as of the 2010-2011 season, so that's your era. Your player pool is every player drafted after 1990 (basically, the post-Jordan era).

  1. You get this player as a rookie, for the duration of his career. Your task is to build a champion around him. Who's your guy?
  2. He has to be a PF or a C (if your answer to #1 wasn't a big), who's your guy?
  3. He has to be a wing (if your answer to #1 wasn't a wing), who's your guy?
  4. He has to be a point guard (if your answer to #1 wasn't a PG), who's your guy?
  5. And finally, you get to pick two guys, who do you pick?

Your answers and logic in the comments. Mine are below:

  1. Shaq, hands down. He's the best post-Jordan player imo. Tim Duncan is probably a close second, but Shaq in his prime was impossible to stop.
  2. See #1
  3. This is tough. I'd probably go with LeBron, just because of his versatility. I'd need a center to go along with him, but I wouldn't be locked into needing any of the other three positions. Whichever one I couldn't fill, LeBron would play and be at the top of the league in that position.
  4. I'm going to say Jason Kidd, but this wasn't easy. My first thought was to go with a PG who could carry the scoring load, if need be, because there are no guarantees when you fill out the rest of the roster. But when it comes down to it, Kidd was an extraordinary PG on both ends of the floor, and probably the best rebounder at the position.
  5. This was really tough. Shaq was my obvious first choice, and I think PG is the second-most important position. What I was looking for was a PG who could really knock down the three, distribute and most importantly, be a tenacious on-the-ball defender. Plenty of guys met two of three criteria: Nash, Kidd, Gary Payton, Chris Paul to name a few. Unfortunately, I just couldn't come up with anyone who met all three standards, so I decided to go with a complimentary big. As much as it pains me to admit this, I went with Kevin Garnett. Put he and Shaq on the same team and you can have guys with singular skills playing the other three positions. It's just not going to matter at all.

There's my list. It was more than a little sickening to put together, Kidd is the only guy on the list I don't despise at this point. Have at it in the comments.
by Brian on Dec 24 2010
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