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Just like last year, I'm going to break the Yankees offseason down in several posts over the coming days, weeks and months. We'll get the ball rolling with a look at the Yankee free agents. For each guy we'll go over what I think they should do, and if it varies, what I think the team will do.

Mike Mussina (free agent)
  • My take: Bring him back. A two-year deal for $20 million with a 3rd year player option at the same rate. It may take a little more yearly, but not much more. Even if he never replicates the success of 2008 again, he's going to eat innings and I can think of a lot of worse guys to plug into the #4 spot in the rotation for the next two or three years. Offer arbitration.
  • What they'll do: If Moose doesn't retire, he'll be back with the Yankees.
Andy Pettitte (free agent)
  • My take: Let him walk. I love Pettitte as much as the next guy, but he's toast. It could've been a balky shoulder, or elbow, or both, but he was atrocious after the All Star Break. He's always pitched on the edge, putting a ton of baserunners on and wiggling out of jams, as he gets older and his stuff slips, he's not going to get out of as many of them. Don't offer arbitration.
  • What they'll do: If he wants to come back, they'll probably keep him. It won't be the end of the world to have him in the rotation, although it could clog up the rotation and keep a young guy from getting a shot.
Bobby Abreu (free agent)
  • My take: He may put up the least-spectacular 20 hr, 100 run, 100 rbi seasons in the history of the game, but unless you can tell me who is going to fill his hole in the lineup, I think you have to bring him back. 2 or 3 years at the most. Offer arbitration.
  • What they'll do: I have a feeling someone is going to make him an offer the Yanks won't want to match. Nady will probably start in right next season.
Pudge Rodriguez (free agent)
  • My take: Let him go. Don't offer arbitration.
  • What they'll do: Don't let the door...He's gone.
Jason Giambi ($22M team option, $5M buy out)
  • My take: Do not pick up the option. Under no circumstances. If Giambi still wants to come back on a one-year deal at a low price...nah. It's time to cut Giambi's cord and move on. He's going to be missed, but I think the Yanks need a real impact bat at first or DH, if Giambi is on the roster, he's going to play. Don't offer arbitration.
  • What they'll do: He's gone.
Carl Pavano ($13M team option, $1.95 buy out)
  • My take. You've got to be kidding. I've seen some writers calling for Pavano to be brought back. They're idiots. Get him out of NY as soon as possible. Don't offer arbitration.
  • What they'll do: No one could possibly be that stupid, could they? Carl is apparently Cashman's guy, so you never know. If Cashman sticks around with complete autonomy anything's possible.
Damaso Marte ($6M team option)
  • My take: Pick it up. It's been a long time since the Yanks had a real lefty specialist. They're hard to obtain. Keep Marte.
  • What they'll do: This wasn't a rental situation. They paid the price they did because Nady and Marte will be around next season.
I suppose Ponson, Moeller and maybe even Ransom will also be free agents (Maybe not Ransom). Let them all walk.

Up next: The coaches.