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The next five months are going to be tumultuous for the Yankees. Beyond the search for a new skipper (which may be wrapped up by Friday, believe it or not), the Yankees have more personnel decisions to make than you can shake a stick at. I already wrote about the Bobby Abreu and Joba Chamberlain issues, today we're going to take a wider view.

I figured the best way to examine the decisions the Yankees will have to make would be to take a look at the 40-man roster, and fill in everyone's contract status heading into 2008. I turned it into a spreadsheet, you can download it here. As the Yanks make decisions and trades, I'll update the spreadsheet. There will be a link at the top of the sidebar on my homepage. Whenever the Yanks make a change I'll update it and let you guys know. Hopefully, it'll give us some insight into the moves the Yankees make in the coming months.

One quick update on the managerial search. Peter Abraham is reporting that Hammerin' Hank Steinbrenner said today that the Yanks won't be interviewing anyone else to replace Joe Torre. It's down to Joe Girardi, Don Mattingly and Tony Pena. Who would you pick?


by Brian on Oct 24 2007
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