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Early Predictions: Andres Nocioni

The latest subject of our Early Predictions series is SF/PF Andres Nocioni, the only player in the history of the league to successfully pull off the trifecta of toughness (pictured above): 1. Argentinian, 2. Mullet, 3. Goatee.
Ironically, I'm predicting an injury-shortened season for the world's toughest basketball player (who is currently convalescing in Argentina after injuring his ankle). I do believe Nocioni has been promised minutes, I do believe he'll get those minutes, or complain loudly that he's not getting them. Here are my predictions for his numbers, with a bit of analysis below:

  • Minutes: 1,200
  • Points/game: 8.1
  • Rebs/game: 4.1
  • Ast/game: 0.5
  • Steals/game: 0.6
  • Blocks/game: 0.2
  • TOV/game: 1.0
  • Personal Fouls/Game: 3.8
  • FG%: 41%
  • 3PT%: 37%
20 minutes/game, 60 games is how this breaks down for me. Nocioni's aura of toughness and the fact that he was a complete baby in Sacto when his minutes were cut will keep him on the floor probably more than he should be. I'm predicting a slight uptick in his rebound rate, due to extra minutes at the four. His shooting will continue to be horrid overall, but league-average from three. He simply doesn't have the physical skills to be a decent defender anymore, but he'll make a good show of it. His secret weapon? You guessed it, toughness.

Your thoughts in the comments, as usual.