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Hotlanta @ the Wach

The Hawks are currently deadlocked with the Celtics for the #3 seed in the East, only 3.5 games behind the Magic (who they beat on Wednesday) for the #2 seed, and clearly have a ton of motivation to win this game against the cellar-dwelling Sixers. Hopefully, the Sixers don't realize that and try to do something foolish, like play the spoiler.

Things I'm looking forward to:

  • Seeing how Jrue does sticking with Bibby on the perimeter. Bibby went off early against the kid in game a few months ago.
  • At some point, I'd like to see Josh Smith being covered by Jason Kapono. It's bound to happen, right?
  • Iguodala vs. Joe Johnson is a really fun matchup.
  • Can EB keep Smith off the offensive glass? More importantly, can he get any shots over Smith on the offensive end?
  • Last I heard, Lou was a game-time decision. If he plays it should be interesting to see him going up against the guy that is probably his best-case scenario, Jamal Crawford.

This is your game thread, I'm going to be watching on DVR again. You guys did a great job with the thread in my absence on Wednesday, keep up the good work.
by Brian on Mar 26 2010
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